Selecting a contractor

We will investigate the market for possible tenderers, prepare a short list, interview and report on the strength and weaknesses of possible contractors. We can then handle tender questions, evaluate bids and make recommendations to the client.

Tender documents

With its knowledge of western and Ukrainian contract procedures, technical matters and practice, we can prepare tender documents in English and Russian, suitable to serve the requirements of western or Ukrainian contractors with western or Ukrainian subcontractors.

Technical supervision

Valuation & certification

As a project proceeds on site a client needs to pay the contractor fairly for the work properly executed. We assist by valuing works done after deductions for poor work and retentions to provide protection for the client should hidden defects arise. Following valuation we can integrate local accounting practice with western certification practice to allow appropriate payment to a contractor.

Project management

We have executed project management roles on a wide range of projects in Ukraine and beyond. Projects include: Raiffeisen Bank, Billa supermarket, IMF offices, BBC monitoring office, Boehringer Ingelheim offices, Baker & McKenzie offices. On the Radisson Hotel we were not project managers, but many project management functions were executed including: chairing project and design meetings and regular drafting writing letters on behalf of the client.

Jones East 8 as contractor

We have local design and construction licenses together with over 10 years of construction experience in Ukraine. Projects are often modestly scaled with the largest project undertaken being the Raiffeisen 1,600 m2 office and bank building. This involved demolition behind a historic facade, complete new foundations, steel frame, in site reinforced concrete, extension to the rear, new roof and comprehensive office and bank fit out including air conditioning, data systems, EDP room, raised access floors and vaults.

Our experience